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Pet Sitting FAQS

All prospective clients have questions which they ask us, and to fast forward things, here are a list of FAQS which we have previously been asked.

Q: How many pop-in visits do you advise?

A: Henry’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services advise that all animals should have at least two pop-in visits daily. This is to ensure that your animals have a constant fresh supply of water, keep to their daily routine of being fed and let into the garden so you do not come home to any accidents.

Q: How long are pop-ins?
A: Henry’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services offer 30 minute, and 60 minute pop-in sessions, but we will be guided by the client, so if you feel they need more time, then we are happy to provide this.

Q: If my animal needs to have medication, can you administer it?
A: Henry’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services are experienced in giving basic medication. If you require this, we will need you to complete a medication permission form, which is to include details of how you administer this medicine and dosage etc.

Q: Do you do any additional things other than pet sitting in my home?

A: Henry’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services will ensure your home looks like somebody is home at all times. Even if you are having pop-in sessions whilst away for the day, we can open/close curtains, leave lights on if requested, water your plants, pick up the post, and even feed the birds. If you would like any additional services like this, please discuss this at your home visit.

Q: If I am late coming home on my holiday, will you still care for my animals?
A: Henry’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services will continue with the service that you have requested up until the time that we have received a call, email, or text message from you to tell us you have returned home and that you no longer need our services on that occasion. Once this has happened, we will arrange a time and date to give the key back to you, and this is when you will sign the key realise form to confirm you have received them from our company. If you have arrived home from your holiday, but have not informed us then our services will resume and these services are still chargeable at our normal fees.

Q: Which sort of animals are you prepared to look after?
A: Henry’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services are prepared to look after a whole range of animals. We have had many years of experience with animals ranging from ferrets to mice, dogs to sheep, and bearded dragons to pigmy hedgehogs.

If you have any questions which we have not already answered, please give us a call on:  07905806220 or alternatively email us on: [email protected]